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Adrian Mudd

Senior Animator, Associate

Adrian is an Associate and Senior Animator and has been with STUFISH since the beginning.

Adrian ran away from Architecture school in the early 70’s to join "The Theatre". He survived a three month season as stage carpenter in weekly rep and spent the next decade building scenery, making props & costumes and lighting shows - before his first “proper” career as stage designer in Edinburgh, designing more than 80 productions for a variety of theatre companies, including two for the Scottish National Theatre Company.

He crossed the divide to work as production manager for a few years, before becoming a model maker. He began at Fisher Park creating cardboard & wire visualizations of the touring stage designs for the early shows of the Stones, U2 and Tina Turner.

He transitioned from card, paint and wire to CAD, 3D animation and rendering. For the Phil Collins 'Dancing into the light' tour in '97 there was no physical scale model of the innovative 'in the round' stage set. Instead multiple (VHS!) copies of an animation showing how it all went together and worked were distributed to everyone involved. A revolution in design communication; Adrian did it first, and has been developing it ever since.