Stufish Entertainment Architects are the design and architectural entity of StufishOriginally known as The Mark Fisher Studio, Stufish has been creating architecture for entertainment since the mid-1990s.  The creative team generate designs for a broad portfolio of clients in the entertainment industry, be they permanent buildings, semi-permanent productions or touring shows.  From first concept to final reality, we provide a comprehensive service that is individually tailored for the requirements of each client, making every project a unique and singular experience. 

With a back catalogue that includes stage and set design for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen and Madonna, we have established ourselves as a premier choice for touring productions that wish to create a strong and dynamic visual impact for the artist and the audience.   By working very closely together with production managers, technical crews and video providers, we are able to guarantee that the finished product has ‘tourability’ built into it, a vital element of the success or failure of any temporary mobile structure.

We believe that stage and set design and structural architecture are simply two ends of the same rainbow and that recognition has enabled the company to transform venues for semi-permanent shows such as by Cirque Du Soleil at the MGM Grand Theatre in Las Vegas and singular events including Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony and the Victoria Memorial which was transformed to host the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.

By designing both the exterior and the interior of a venue for the client, we are able to create the perfect environment for producing a semi-permanent or permanent show.  For example, the new Han Show Theatre in Wuhan, China creates the perfect armature for the Franco Dragone production it has been specifically designed to accommodate. From the external symbolism of a Chinese lantern through to the design of the internal theatrical space, each facet of the project is one piece of the complete jigsaw.

Central to the ethos of what Stufish stands for is the recognition that the company has no in-house design character; each client requires and receives a unique service from us – for each one our design team start from first principle.   For any instance where the seamless metamorphism of concept through to reality is the goal, Stufish can provide the solution. 

Stufish Productions are the producing entity of Stufish. Together, Stufish Entertainment Architects and Stufish Productions can be a one-stop shop for the creation, design, production and operation of any new show or event, from touring performances or installations to major stadium productions and bespoke resident shows.