Production Credits


Roger Waters: Vocals, guitar & bass
Dave Kilminster: Guitars
Snowy White: Guitars
GE Smith: Guitars
John Carin: Keyboards
Harry Waters: Hammond & Piano
Graham Broad: Drums
Robbie Wyckoff: Vocals
John Joyce: Backing Vocals
Pat Lennon: Backing Vocals
Mark Lennon: Backing Vocals
Kipp Lennon: Backing Vocals

Andrew Zweck: Tour Director
Trip Khalaf: Tour Manager, Sound Engineer
Chris Kansy: Production Manager
Mark Candelario: Stage Manager
Mike Zweck: Tour Accountant
Kim van Loon: Production Coordinator
Aimee Moreault: Backstage coordinator & wardrobe
Josh Gelfond: Assistant Stage Manager / Brick sequence control
Colin Lyon: Roger Waters technician
Eddy Butler: Drum technician
Tim Myer: Guitar technician
Andy Field: Keyboard technician
Mike McKnight: Audio playback engineer
Robin Fox: Monitor engineer
Bob Weibel: Sound system engineer
Kevin Kapler: Mmonitor technician
Hank Fury: Quad sound technician
Matthew Scoggins: Audio technician
James Higgins: Audio technician
Mark Risk: Lighting Director
Ross Colledge: Lighting Crew Chief
Barry Branford: Lighting technician
Jerry Vierna: Lighting technician
Drew Johnston: Lighting technician
Richard Turner: Video Crew Chief
Phil Haynes: Video Playback operator
Clarke Anderson: Projectionist
Andy Joyes: Projectionist
Gary Beirne: Projectionist
Dave Rowe: Head Rigger
Frank Aguirre: Rigger
Dave Brierly:Rigger
Joe Anchor: Rigger
VinceGallegos: Motion Control operator
Edward Oyler: Motion Crew Chief
Jeremy Sorenson: Motion Tech / Flying Spot operator
William Wilkison: Motion Tech/Flying Spot operator
John Kehoe: Motion technician
Jeremy Bryden: Motion technician
Alex Blais: Wall Machinery Master
Denny Rich: Head Carpenter / Wall builder
Jean Pierre Van Loo: Carpenter / Wall builder
Aaron Alfaro: Carpenter / Wall builder
Jeremy Miget: Carpenter / Wall builder
Kevin Hale: Carpenter / Wall builder
Michael Ryder: Carpenter / Wall builder
David Hall: Carpenter / Wall builder
Al Domanski: Carpenter / Wall builder
Randy Robertson: Carpenter / Wall builder
Eric Piontkowski: Carpenter / Wall builder
Guy Habosha: Carpenter / Wall builder
Sean Jacobs: Carpenter / Pig pilot
Ian McDonald: Puppet Automation operator
Tony Ravenhill: Puppet Automation technician
Reid Nofsinnger: yro shooter
Tony Alaimmo: Pyro technician
Shane Johnson: Pyro technician

Roger Waters: Producer and director
Mark Fisher: Production designer
Sean Evans: Video content director and creator
Marc Brickman: Lighting design
Andy Jennison: Video content editor
Gerald Scarfe: Animation and puppet creator
Jeremy Lloyd: Technical director
Jacqui Pyle: Inflatable sculptor
Rob Harries: Inflatable puppet maker

Adam Davis: Design Engineer, Tait Towers Inc
Tyler Kicera: Design engineer, Tait Towers Inc
Bill Gorlin: Engineer, McLaren Engineering Group
Simon James: Health and Safety officer

Set design: The Mark Fisher Studio (
Audio: Clair Global (
Lighting: RG (
Video: XL Video (
Pyrotechnics: Strictly FX  (
Rigging Motion Control: SGPS (
Set construction: Tait Towers Inc. (
Inflatable puppets: Air Artists (
Flying pig: Mobile Air Ships (
Puppet control design: Brilliant Stages (
Health & Safety: The Event Safety Shop (
Engineering: McLaren Engineering Group (


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