We Will Rock You


Set in the dispian future of the year 2300, globalsoft controls every element of our lives. Real music is banned and no instruments exist. The only music that exists is computer generated pop. The show tells the story of a few bohemians who rise up to defeat the globalsoft machine and refind rock’n’roll. The show has been seen all over the world by over 16 million people. Over the years the stage design has evolved but at its core, it was the first musical to embrace led screens as a scenic element.

The original show, shaped the path for many musicals following it with its rock and roll type scenery and truss world. This new show wanted to be as radical moving forward as the previous shows had been.

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The creative idea was to move the show into a complete digital panorama with more video screens than ever, but with the ability to have different shapes and levels. We were interested in the idea that video could be many different shapes within the show and tell the story by creating different spaces.

The world of globalsoft and gagaland an ever evolving arrangment of video screens. This new tour has also been designed to travel around the UK and Ireland with the ability to adapt to the size of the various theatres to deliver the massive specatcle no matter how large or small the stage is.

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A series of rolling stage pieces that are curved to create a complete wrap within the stage space, have hidden panels that can slide out to make steps, or bed that fold out to make a hospital, or a wall that houses props and special effects. Each piece of set forms the function in various scenes with different layouts of the pieces. The pieces can track or rotate into around the stage. There are upstage tracking video screens that allow entrances through the centre of the stage and reveal the large killer queen throne.

This design for the throne is a telescopic set of steps that allows the performers to use all of the levels around the throne whilst still packing into a small space backstage. There are downstage screens that track to allow the space on stage to shrink and expand throughout the show and create layers. This new version of the show continues to amaze audiences and get standing ovations every performance.

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