We will rock you returns to Australia after 10 years with a revamped and reworked version of the Stufish designed Musical smash hit featuring the music of Queen with story by Ben Elton. 

This version of we will rock you (which also opened with a replica production in São Paulo in March 2016, will travel around Australia for the next few months before moving to other places around the world. 

Stufish designed new pieces of set to go with the slightly modified story and were also responsible for upgrading and remaking some of the video that immerses the show in digital content throughout the show. 

Featuring a rock band of 8 and a cast of 28, WWRY is still a mega hit with audiences. Over the past 14 years since the show’s inception in London in 2002, Stufish have been responsible for the design of all 43 productions that have taken place all over the world, in theatres, arenas and a permanent feature on the famous ‘Anthem of the Seas’ by Royal Caribbean. 

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