video music awards

MTV, 2017

The design for the Video Music Awards 2017 was the 6th STUFISH design for the MTV network - and our 3rd Video Music Awards. The VMAs returned to The LA Forum with the largest MTV VMA show yet that featured the gargantuan set design, filling the arena floor and sky space with scenery to create a fully immersive environment. 

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The design developed from the concept of creating a transformative and intimate environment in the Forum. By using metallic and mirrored surfaces, the set reflects and multiplies the performers and audience to create a continual visual language throughout the room. 

The set was 60m at its widest and 15m high, creating a landscape that expanded the full length of the arena, connecting all levels from the very top down into the bottom of the arena bowl. 

We created multi-levelled VIP/Talent seating areas to create more of a lounge effect for the artists to sit in and enjoy the show. Comfy leather chairs were interspersed with small tables and lamps to create a warm intimate environment.

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The multi-levelled silver textured set echoed a folded origami mirrored and metallic landscape. It wrapped a series of catwalks and stages, merging the audience and talent together at every turn. In order to have more live music acts during the show, we created a series of stages for performances. 

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There were 2 large main performance stages 12m x 12m each, two smaller performer stages 10m x 7m and two catwalk stage areas 20m x 4m – each with its own identity, with different backgrounds, videos, scenes, floor finishes and lighting formation. There were thirteen acts spread across the various stages. This was the largest number of live performances that the VMAs have ever had. 15m above the audience hung a massive scenic canopy of eighteen large triangular facets varying in size up to 14m long & 5m wide they filled the sky space with scenery and incorporated lighting and sound.

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The landscape of the room was delineated with a total of over 2500m of neon looking LED lines that created colour, texture and animation through the room. With all the amazing talent performing on the night, the stage had integrated performer flying, bungee, flying tracks, flying scenery, fire, rain and smoke. All of these elements came together on the night to deliver all the exclusive and unbelievable performances on the night!

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Below are some of the perfomers from the evening, including; Miley Cyrus, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, Kyle, Logic, P!nk, and Shawn Mendes. 

Photo Credit for band images: MTV and Getty Images

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