U2, 2015

U2’s iNNOCENCE & eXPEREINCE TOUR 2015 marks STUFISH’s continuous and successful relationship with the band and their creative director Willie Williams. In collaboration with him and Es Devlin, STUFISH was involved with the overall creative development and design of the show.

More specifically we were responsible for design details and visualization of the stage mechanics and finishes.  

The stage design extends through the full length of the arena allowing for the band to break down the 4th wall and deliver an intimate performance to the whole audience in equal amounts.

831 U2 15MAY15 Show s 6w
831 U2 14MAY15 Show  63w
831 U2 15MAY15 Show s 67w

This show is based around the narrative of 'innocence to experience' and explores the band’s early years growing up in Dublin in the 1970's, represented in the four individual areas of the stage.

At one end of the arena is the square ‘i' stage representing the home, while the round ‘e’ stage at the opposite end represents the world.

The two stages are linked by a runway that divides the arena in two and represents the band’s journey between the two stages. It allows them to interact with the crowd in an interesting and intimate way.

831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0289sw
831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0299sw
831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0081sw

Songs such as 'Sunday Bloody Sunday’ take place on a representation of a street while 'Raised by Wolves' is a threatening underpass. The fourth performance area is within a large 100ft long dividing structure that is clad on two sides with a semi-transparent LED video screen.

831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0352sw

This structure floats above the stage and can descend to play at various heights throughout the show allowing the band to go inside the structure at which point it becomes a tunnel like cage. In the middle of the show the structure lowers to the stage and divides the audience into two. The beginning of the second act reunites the audience.

The video content of the show is some of the most innovative and spectacular to be seen as the size and transparency of the screen allows the audience and the band to be fully immersed into the scenes.

831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0101sw
831 U2 15MAY15 Show s 76w
831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0411sw

The dividing screen structure incorporates a catwalk, lighting, cameras and special effects to allow the band to inhabit this space. The design also includes a series of fixed and kinetic caged subway lights to provide moments in the show that help transform the look and space of the stage.

831 U2 14MAY15 Show  171w
831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0528sw
831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0024sw
831 U2 15MAY15 Show s 128w
831 U2 14MAY15 Show  195w

Stufish was also responsible for the design of the Tour 2015 logo used on all of the merchandising. This logo is a major feature of the stage as it is cut into the surface of the stage to create a light-box that defines the very strong aesthetic of the show.


831 U2 15MAY15 Show  0007sw