Teaming up with Buble for a second major world tour, following the 2010/2011 Tour, the design for this stage combined scale and elegance with retro overtones. Technically advanced and allowing Buble to interact with the set, the stage featured thirteen video flippers. They were integrated into the stage providing a kinetic, raking LED floor, allowing for big band moments contrasted with intimate Jazz moods. The band was situated on the main A stage where most of the action took place. However there was also a large B stage sat at the end of the arena and incorporated the VIP and front of house areas. This setup allowed Michael to travel across the arena and to perform three songs at the far end of the audience. The pinnacle of the show was when Buble stood at the top of the centre video lift flipper as it rose 12ft (3.6m) into the sky. The top of the flipper could counter-rake to allow him to stand on the top horizontal bit. At the crescendo of Cry
Me a River, Buble was surrounded with a pyrotechnics waterfall whist he stood on the top of the flipper in full command of his stage. The show ran for 18 months and performed all over the world.

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