The X Factor Final 2015


STUFISH are proud to continue our relationship with One Direction. Having designed their world-wide stadium tour, ‘Where we are’, as well as other X factor and Brit awards performances in the past it seemed fitting to design this performance for the Final of the X factor 2015. At the heart of the design is a large metallic looking cone shaped structure. It is 9m wide at its widest point and nearly 5m high in the centre. It tapers down and creates a space that enveloped the band for the start of their song ‘Infinity’. A series of radial holes perforate the surface of the cone to allow lasers and lighting to shine through and create spectacular effects and shadows in the background of the band. Cosmos, constellation and light trail video content was created to be a spectacular setting for the sculpture which sat at the focus of all the screen imagery. Together with lighting, lasers and mirror balls the structure energised the production and formed a great centre piece for the camera shots.

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