‘The Sessions’ – A Live re-staging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios, provides audiences with a once-in-a-lifetime backstage pass to a magical moment in history, when the Beatles recorded their albums in the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2.

STUFISH were approached by Stig Edgren, the show’s creator and producer to design the set and staging for this epic international touring arena show back in December 2014. The set features a full size replica of the real life Studio 2 with identical proportions, including the famous staircase and control room. The rear wall of the studio provides the primary backdrop, with the other three sides of the ‘box’ formed by a series of automated scrim rollers that move up and down throughout the show. The scrim rollers are front projected to create a shadowy layered effect inside the studio box where the performers are faithfully re-creating the studio set up for each iconic song.

The stage itself sits only 8 inches from the arena floor, with audience seated around the three sides of the box creating a very intimate viewing experience with the audience looking in on the studio action. In order to achieve excellent sightlines for all sides of the box, we designed a retractable staircase and control room for when George Martin needed to be visible in this position. With Geoff Emerick, the original recording engineer as our creative consultant, we were able to ensure that every detail was painstakingly accurate and identical to the original studios.

The show played at the Echo Arena in Liverpool for a Charity Event on the 30th March, the world premiere was held at The Royal Albert Hall in London on April 1st 2016.

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