The show was designed to bring the star of the show to life long after he had done it his way and given us his final bow. A multitude of layered projection and video screens brought Sinatra back to the London Palladium in a fresh and unexpected way. Flanked by a twenty-five piece strong orchestra and surrounded by twenty dancers, Sinatra’s image melds the voice, orchestration and dance into one cohesive spectacle.

Two LED “Hero” screens float in and out of the scenes and give his image the crisp and bright presence one expects from a star, while the cyclorama, roll drops and revolving LED panels deliver the context for the narrative of the show to unfold. The nine roll drops provide for a multitude of different configurations that allow performer entrances to appear from within the image while the LED panels located below the raised orchestra deck can track and rotate to change the look of the set and give the dancers interesting entrances. A pair of staircases was designed to slide along the full width of the concave orchestra riser and is used in an imaginative way to bring the cast down to stage level on this multi-tiered set.

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