Take That Wonderland Live


Take That’s “Wonderland-Live 2017” arena tour kicked off at the Birmingham NEC on Friday 5th May. Stufish is proud to be part of Kim Gavin’s creative team that has delivered a colourful and vibrant show to the standard that Take That and their fans expect from this high calibre team.

The extensive use of projection on roll drops as well as LED embedded in the stage takes the audience on a colourful journey through “Wonderland”

Based on the Take That Logo, the 20m diameter circular stage is set in the centre of the arena floor. A 2.5m wide band of LED surrounding the glowing TT provides a strong focal point for the show to build on and eventually erupt into a colourful frenzy of props and special effects. The roll drops mimic the bands logo in 3D and contribute to the undulating landscape of rising decks. This allows the performance to build up different layers of storytelling and levels of performance for the audience to enjoy. Stage lifts raises the centre to a height of 6m and drop the musicians to 1m below stage level dramatically changing the stage topography and look.

This beautiful mix of music, dance, props and special effects gives the fans a show to remember and a setting that is true to “Wonderland”.

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