STUFISH are delighted to collaborate with Semmel Concerts, our client and the shows producer for this project.

The set design for Helene Fischer’s Stadium Tour “Spürst Du Dass” is a bold statement of clean lines and crisp geometries that puts her firmly in the center of this stadium show experience.

DSC 2710w

Flanked by two large video screen wings, the composition is focused on a 25m tall “H” in the center of the spectacle. The video screens are used as 3D volumes to give this show the distinctive look of her performance and leave the audience in no doubt that this is a bespoke Helene Fischer stage architecture.

DSC 2972w
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 The triangular forestage that connects to an arrow shaped B-Stage via a long water filled catwalk, thrusts her energetic performance deep into the stadium and gives Helene and her dancers the room to engage and entice their audience with her unique style.

DSC 2975w

Dancers and musicians are woven into the colorful and elaborate display of props, pyro and special effects while the imaginative and diverse video content beautifully frames the performance to deliver a high energy show the audience have come to expect from Germany’s biggest star.

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Photo Credit: Stufish