"THE SPIRIT OF THE UNION" was a sixty minute show designed to celebrate the forty year history of the United Arab Emirates. The primary performance area for the 1300 strong cast of volunteers and professionals was a 106m x 106m wide stage based on an eight pointed Islamic Star placed in the centre of the stadium.  Rising gently to a height of nine meters, the eight sided sloping pyramid deck incorporated four large folding entrances and eighty trapdoors that were used for further performances involving large scale scenery and video projection. Rising above the stadium roof to a height of over 36m, an 18m x 18m wide centre tower with four Islamic arches was the focal point of the design and video projection.


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Four giant portals where placed around the stage to provide lighting, sound and projector positions.  Eighty projectors were used to project onto an area of 4400 square meters of decking while 1700 lights illuminated the show from many different positions. An elaborate system of aerial rigging spanned between the portals and towers to support aerial performance. The show was a mix of grand scale projections, aerial performances and choreography.  The narrative united the past, present and future of the United Arab Emirates and its people into a lively and spectacular performance with a scale and complexity seldom seen in the region.

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