“It’s not just a place, it’s a state of mind”

“Swing over to the wild side for an exhilarating trip through Soho – london’s world famous district. Celebrate the stylish and the sleazy with jaw-dropping circus, soaring aerial performances and state-of-the-art projections from global Rock and Roll design team, Stufish.”

SOHO is the first ever show conceived, designed and produced entirely in house by STUFISH and staged in the Peacock Theatre in London. The show takes us on a voyeuristic tour through Soho. An Iconic soundtrack evokes the changing times from 50’s burlesque to the peace and love of the 60’s and from 70’s punk to 90’s rave, exploring every inch of this bohemian and scintillating square mile.

The staging and video design for Soho were concurrently conceived as an integral design exercise, where the angular, geometric staging provided a dynamic and adaptable canvas to project ever evolving video content onto.

This melding of staging and video content provided onstage perspectives, windows and thresholds into the panoply of spaces, moods and environments that form the backdrop to the show.

The stage could be transformed from an evolving perspective view strolling down one of Soho’s many iconic streets, to the dingy basement room of a sleezy dive bar, to the iconic graphic of the Union Jack flag.

Openable doors and windows through the staging, and raised platforms revealed behind flown flats provide performers different levels to engage with the audience from. An array of movable, reconfigurable boxes suggest rooms, thresholds and windows into the many lives of Soho, as well as offering acrobatic and performance opportunities to the cast.

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