SPIKE TV, 2011

Never shy of pushing the boundaries of an awards show, STUFISH worked with long time collaborators and creative team from Spike TV. Previous projects include other Scream Awards shows, Divas, VH1 awards and the World Stunt awards. This show was located in the Universal Studios back lot, which gave this show a setting never seen before. Perched on a pool of water created for the event, the set was a deconstructed blend of opera house and circus, mixed with a fairground. 

The mad amalgamation of eclectic design where circus meets the insane asylum, gave the show the perfect backdrop to practise the dark art of the Spike TV Scream awards. We were responsible for creating the design for the whole performance and audience areas. Accommodating seating for 1000 people and 600 VIPs together with special VVIP viewing boxes, a mixture of sat and stood crowd surrounded the lake to watch and be immersed in the event.

With a series of spaces and connected runways through the lake, special effects, cranes, fire and video mapping, the show was a one night spectacle that looked great on TV and grounded this very special awards show in the imaginary world which praises the genre of movies that it celebrates.

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