XXX The 30th Anniversary Tour


For Roxette’s 30th anniversary world tour, five sets of slatted blinds formed the feature of this deceptively simple stage set. Each set of blinds was individually controllable, where the blades could be raised and lowered, and tilted open and closed. Throughout the show the slats were repeatedly rearranged to create a broad range of different looks.

When closed down, splashy colourful graphics could be projected onto the panels, reflecting Roxette’s pop aesthetic, or blinds could be backlit to create distinctive silhouettes. When opened up, the slats caught both front and back light from above and below, breaking up the geometry of the blinds in different ways. Throughout the show, the staging could suggest both abstract and more figurative looks, a starry sky through blinds at night perhaps, or the horizontal bars of an analogue graphic equalizer. Additional depth was achieved by lighting the backdrop star cloth independently to the blinds in a range of complementary colours. Under strong direct light, the satin finish of the blinds gave a colder metallic look, for a harder, gleaming rock and roll feel.

The sets of blinds could also be individually deployed and retracted to form staggered, flying V, mid height, or asymmetrical arrangements across the width of the stage. This highly adaptable capability allowed for an extensive range of distinctive and bold looks, to accompany Roxette’s wide ranging catalogue of songs.

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