AC/DC, 2015

With the delivery of the new design for AC/DC Rock or Bust tour, Stufish has continued their long lasting relationship with this legendary band.  The arched roof with Angus’ trademark horns gives this tour its distinct look. Drawing inspiration from the band’s hard rock imagery, the stage design makes use of the bold colours and industrial materials. Rusted corrugated panels mounted on red trusses embedded with moving lights, Molefay lamps and LED strip, offer a wide pallet of different looks. Add to the mix an inflatable Rosie, 12 cannons and one giant bell, and the design comes together as uniquely AC/DC

 AC10382 w
 AC10184 w
 AC10410 w
 AC10340 w
 AC10069 w
 AC10247 w
 AC10235 w
 AC10323 w
 AC10024 w
 AC10071 w
 AC10026 w
 AC10012 w
 AC10240 w
 AC10127 w