Rhapsody Tour


Having designed the 2014 World Tour, 2016 Summer Festival tour, the 2017 World Tour and a residency in Las Vegas in 2018, the band returned to STUFISH for The Queen + Adam Lambert, Rhapsody Tour, 2019.

The new show concept started with the idea of Three acts; The first loosely based on ‘A night at the Opera’ Album, the second ‘The Works’ and the third ‘The Game’.

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The stage was designed to appear like a traditional Opera House with a curved front edge and round pedestals at the sides.

A background of opera boxes made from video screens and light-up scenery, house space for a special VIP experience to 40 onstage fans.

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Moving further into the show, the video content transforms from the front of the opera house, through a vortex tunnel of multiple portals into the backstage and then

finally ending up as if standing on stage but looking in reverse to the audience. Live camera integration of the real arena audience completes the virtual environment.

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During the ‘Show Must Go On’, the Opera House begins to crumble, turning the stage into a ruin that leads us into the second act.

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Inspired by ‘Metropolis’ and cities born out of ruin, ‘I’m in Love with My Car’ is the journey through this future city that leads into ‘Bicycle’ where a

customised Harley Davidson ‘Heritage Classic’ rises out of the B stage covered in Swarovski crystals. The bike revolves with Adam Lambert posed on top.

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Brian May sings ‘Love of My Life’ with a mirage of Freddie Mercury appearing to sing with him.

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A series of hand painted automated planets descend from above the stage and form a kinetic dance around Brian as he begins his guitar solo, creating a dynamic and magical display.

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The shows final act focuses on the more classic elements of a Queen performance; showing the audience in what a Queen performance is all about.

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The design of the show is a singular statement where scenery is blended with technology to blur the boundary of where one starts and the other stops. Scenic pieces are a mixture of video, lighting and kinetic sculptures.

This tour is an amalgamation of opera, rock, theatre and technology. Not only is this a show for old fans, but also the new generation of Queen followers.

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