Queen and Adam Lambert


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Following the success of the 2014-15 Arena tour and the Summer Festival Tour in 2016, Queen and Adam Lambert returned to STUFISH to design their 2017 tour.

The show opened in the USA in June and will travel to Europe and Australia over the next few months.

The design for the stage wanted to challenge the look of the band and bring a more contemporary feel to the show. We have created a series of elaborate scenic shows over the last few years and wanted something more modern looking. 

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The concept for the stage is based around a large lighting 8ton halo hovering above the band. The halo contains 94 moving lights which sit in between mirrored baffles. The edge of the halo is treated in red chrome. The halo is sandwiched between a front curved video screen and rear straight screen. The whole set is automated to move up and down to allow for various formations. These layers of the stage can hide or reveal the band, create a tension between the stage and the overhead rig and allow the band to be shown in a new and immersive way.

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The shape of the stage is based on the iconic shape of Brian May’s ‘Red Special’ guitar. The neck of the guitar forms a catwalk deep into the audience to a B stage guitar head. This allows the band to get closer to the audience than before.

The kinetic elements of the stage allow the band to be elevated above the stage to give them more choreographic and performance possibilities.

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Complete with props, kinetic robot heads, spectacular lighting and lasers backed up by Queen’s iconic sound this show is a powerful, modern take on the classic hits and represents the band in the most visually and technically advanced show they have ever done.

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Queen and Adam Lamber at the Hollywood Bowl, LA.

For a 2 night special, the show was adapted to fit into the Hollywood Bowl. Here, we hung the Queen Halo in the centre of the Hollywood Bowl iconic halo. The band riser sat on the house stage together with the rear screen and lighting. We reformatted the top front video screen to be used on the sides of the stage to create a long video screen that wrapped the whole stage creating a dynamic video environment for the band to rock the audience of the Bowl. These two open air performances were electric and very well received from the audience.

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Stufish is also responsible for the overall creative direction of the show together with Rob Sinclair (lighting designer) and Third Company (video producer).