Night at the Opera


Continuing the long relationship with STUFISH and Queen, the Queen Extravaganza was created as a set of brand new shows specially designed to enable new fans, together with fans of old, to celebrate the music of Queen in a heart-stopping event.

Queen Extravaganza ‘Night at the Opera’ is the third touring production in a series of Queen Extravaganza shows from over the last few years, designed for the Official Queen Tribute Band. The shows have previously toured around the USA and UK.

This version of the show toured the UK theatre scene.

The design of the show took references from the classic Queen Rock show layout, together with the use of video and lighting designed by Rob Sinclair. The ‘Night at the Opera’ show was homage to the original album celebrating its 40 year anniversary. The whole first act of the show plays the live songs from the album and then the second act features some of Queen’s greatest hits.  The show ran for three months for this leg but Queen Extravaganza has been doing shows on and off since 2012.

Photographer - Jim Templeton-Cross

QUEX   Reading 2016 001 w
QUEX   Reading 2016 008 w
QUEX   Reading 2016 015 w
QUEX   Reading 2016 050 w
QUEX   Salisbury 2016 026 w
QUEX   Salisbury 2016 009 w
QUEX   Reading 2016 049 w
QUEX   Reading 2016 016 w
QUEX   Salisbury 2016 015 w
QUEX   Salisbury 2016 043 w