Nanchang Wanda Mall


The Wanda Plaza Nanchang comprises 160,000 sqm of luxury retail and entertainment space spread across three floors. It includes a Cineplex with IMAX cinemas, two storey internal retail street, food and beverage areas, 10,000 sqm of supermarket space, and the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’, a 34,000 sqm aquarium and under-sea experience. The plaza forms part of the wider Wanda Cultural Tourism City in Nanchang, the Capital City of Jiangxi Province, South-eastern China. STUFISH Entertainment Architects won the opportunity to design the Plaza façade in competition.

The porcelain concept is inspired by the world famous Chinese blue and white porcelain produced in the local Town of Jingde, Jiangxi Province. The massive volume of the plaza programme is enclosed in large curving forms, with the distinctive shapes of traditional Chinese porcelain evoked around the entrances and corners to help break down the buildings volume into smaller human-scale street frontages. The three dimensional volumes are clad in rows of large brilliant-white porcelain tiles, with every tile in any row on a given volume sharing the same shape to optimize the cost of cladding the 40,000 sqm of curving façade. The tiles are decorated in specially researched images of auspicious animals, birds, plants and evocations of landscapes, reflecting local Chinese cultural heritage. Glazed openings in the volumes allow for street level shop fronts, and entrance into two triple height entrance spaces.

The porcelain concept continues down the length of the curved central shopping street and public space, to the 50 metre diameter central glazed public atrium.

The coach arrival canopy echoes the curving shape of the main building’s façade. At night external fritted glazing echoes the transparent quality of ‘paper thin’ Chinese porcelain made famous by Jiangxi Province. 

Nanchang Wanda Mall opened on 28th May 2016.

2016 05 18 Nanchang w 1
2016 05 18 Nanchang facade front w 1
Final Render   night view during day w
Final Render   curved roof Aerial w
2014 03 10 Facade at Night w
206 05 18 Nanchang nightw 1