STUFISH had the honour of producing the stage design for Monty Python's legendary reunion show at London’s O2 in July 2014. The show sold out ten nights and was simulcast across the world on the final night which was seen by over ten million people. STUFISH was approached to design the show by long-time client Phil McIntyre and Jim Beach (We Will Rock You). The intention of the show was to celebrate the greatest sketches from the Monty Python Flying Circus TV show, together with some larger full production numbers to intersperse the live action and pre-recorded video montages. The design took reference and was based on the iconic imagery created by Terry Gilliam. The stage emulated a vaudeville theatre pop-up book. For the different sketches, various smaller scenic items were used to constantly change the environment for the different famous scenes to take place within. This complicated and spectacular show had so much scenery, props and costumes, we had to design the set to use every small space of the O2 to fit it in. Supported by a cast of twenty dancers and an orchestra of fifteen, this final Python outing was one of the most anticipated events of 2014. The final night of Python was the 20th July and the show was seen by Millions of people all over the world on the live broadcast.

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Photos by Ralph Larmann, Paul Shammasian, Stufish