Love Tour


Following the success of the summer shows of 2018, Stufish are excited to continue our relationship with Michael Bublé as the designers for the 2019/20  “Love Tour” which showcases his new album “Love”. This is the 5th show design that we have created for Michael since 2010.

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The design is has two dominant concepts that inform the architecture; the first is a celebration of the music with a desire to have the band as the main background to the set. This was very successful in the festival shows in summer and so we built on our experience of this. The second theme was to create a set that could evolve over the duration of the performance giving a sense of time passing. 

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The stage is based on a circular geometry that positions Michael at its core and radiates the band members around him. The circular structure is divided into two halves, the rear half is a four level, stepped band riser which accommodates all 30 musicians, while the front half forms a passarelle enveloping the front standing audience.  The passarelle connects to an elongated thrust leading to a B-stage ring that continues the circular geometry of the main stage. The B-stage has pit for a smaller band creating a space for Michael to have intimate moments in the show.

The design of the stage gives Michael a way to connect to more of the audience closeup whilst creating an interesting landscape for him to perform on throughout the show. We wanted the stage to feel like a piece of architecture. The smooth lines and circular forms step up and down and focus the attention towards Michael whilst also extending deep into the arena to connect with the audience.

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Above the stage is a kinetic circular screen to help describe the passage of time during the show. This starts in a low position on the downstage edge at the beginning of the show and like a sunrise, lifts and rotates to emulate the movement of the sun during the day.  There is a chrome mirror finish on the screen to form an elegant reflective surface like the moon at darker moments of the show.  

This circular screen is used in conjunction with a panoramic back wall helps to illuminate the show allowing for the transformation from sunrise to sunset throughout the show, whilst also delivering images of Michael.

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In collaboration with the rest of the creative team including Lighting Designer Kurt Wagner and Video designers Treatment, we developed a narrative for the content which echoed this theme, starting with a lunar cycle moving through various environments during the day and ending with the moon. To help the band riser and musicians conjoin, we chose to treat the finish of the stage with a concrete texture. This finish can take video projection and allows us to extend the video environments over the background of the bandstand as the two video screens.

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Additionally we extend the imagery of Michael into the audience to make more intimate moments of the show by using three see through screens that roll up and down.

Finally we created a series of small custom crystal shaped lights that move up and down to reach all areas of the arena. 

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This show is a true combination of scenery, video and lighting all working together to enhance and frame this powerful musical performance.

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