Michael Bublé Festival


Stufish is proud and excited to continue their relationship with Michael Bublé. From the ‘Crazy Love’ World Tour (2010-2012),

the ‘To Be Loved’ World tour (2013-15) and the Apple Music Festival in 2016.

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This series of shows wanted to reestablish Michael right in the center of the music. Michael is one of the only artists around to play this kind of music and as such has a very strong aesthetic when he is backed by the big band, complete with string section.

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The design of the show wanted to feel contemporary, slick and frame Michael and the band within a construction that in one sense is a band stand, but at the same time, feels like an art sculpture.

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The shows are designed to take advantage of the daylight start. Using over 25,000 squares of gold leaf foil, the surface of the set has a beautiful warm glow. The band are immersed in the structure and partly obscured to make them a living canvas behind Michael whilst not distracting too much from him. It was important to be able to focus on the center of the design but also be able to easily see Michael.

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The structure is shaped to evoke a part Brutalist/part Deco inspired shape. However, as it is treated with gold leaf, the texture and colour emote a very different feel which is in line with the type of music that is being played.

As the sun sets over the festival, the surface of the set will naturally reflect the atmospheric surroundings allowing the audience to feel the magic of the set seeming almost alive and reacting to the change in time.

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A series of different height video columns flank the design and allow the stage to transform visually throughout the show in a more architectural and rhythmic way.

There is also a video screen upstage that allows the set to sit silhouetted against a constantly evolving backdrop.

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Complete with a long golden catwalk extending into the audience, Michael is able to get close to the fans and find time to break away from the orchestra for more intimate moments.

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Production Manager – Dean Roney

Management – Randy Berswick, Bruce Allan

Lighting Designer – Kurt Wagner

Video Content – Treatment Studio

Video Producer – Lizzie Pocock, Sam Pattinson.

Stufish team – Ric Lipson, Rachel Duncan