Following the longest running production at the Dominion theatre of twelve years with the STUFISH designed smash hit ‘We Will Rock You’, STUFISH was proud to be returning to the theatre with the reimagined production of Jeff Wayne’s musical version of ‘The War of the Worlds’.

This multimedia spectacular showcased the seamless combination of lighting, video, scenery, music, pyrotechnics, automation and performers. These work together throughout the show to create a holistic approach to telling the story. The video content also acts as a kinetic, layered, cinema-graphic backdrop and immersive environment.

Two large custom bandstands house the ‘Black Smoke Band’ and the ‘ULLAdubULLA Strings’. These, along with Jeff Wayne’s podium are all on tracks that allow them to either sit upstage as a background to the production or to be brought downstage to make them the focus of the scene. There are many layers of projections used throughout the show for backdrops or to create immersive 3D environments. Mid-stage there is a kinetic roll drop system of nine automated screens which at times add a level of framing to the band. The largest projected surface at the very front allows a wonderful 3D-like effect to occur and brings to life the holographic image of Liam Neeson (the journalist character) at various points during the show.

The major scenic items include the beautiful 15m wide, 8m tall false proscenium that creates the frame for the show, two large rolling skeletal trucks, 2m wide, 3.5m long and 4m high that provide multiple level platforms for the performers to use. A 2m Martian puppet which emerges from a large 4.5m high x 3.5m wide alien cylinder and a ‘Martian Fighting Machine’ reaching 7.5m tall and 4.5m wide that can walk across the stage. It moves on a heavy duty track in the grid that has a complex carriage with a series of high speed winches that allow the machine to be animated across the stage.

The show is a hybrid fusion, part concert, part rock gig, part musical theatre and part dance.

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