Hugh Jackman ‘The Man. The Music. The Show’

OMS Productions LLC, 2019

Following on from his world-wide success in musical films such as Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman’s arena show The Man. The Music. The Show is touring the World throughout 2019.

Performing with a fully live orchestra and dancers, Hugh showcases hits from the stage and screen in a musical extravaganza cementing himself firmly as ‘The Greatest Showman’.

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The creative ambition of the show was to provide a contemporary aesthetic with video content playing a big part in the overall visual language of the show. The show Director, Warren Carlyle, had a very clear vision for the show and knew the songs and arch of the show early on, so he could be very specific about what the stage and

set needed to provide for a multi-talented performer, who would be singing, dancing, playing the piano and drums and everything in between. The set need to reflect the physicality of Hugh and provide a dynamic environment to match his range of abilities and also ensure it could work well against the wide variety of musical genres.

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The large oval shaped stage was split into two levels, accommodating the live orchestra, dancers and guest choirs that would join in each city. A central catwalk led to a B-stage designed to get Hugh further into the audience with steps leading down to the house floor so he could be amongst his fans which was very important.

The Grand Staircase in the centre led Hugh and the performers up to a mezzanine level in front of the video to create a multi-level performance space.

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The video backdrop, known as the Hollywood Squares, came from the notion of the geometries of old Victorian theatre and the early circus, where the vertical space was divided into boxes for audience to observe the shows. Through creative development, it was clear these video squares would reflect the vibrant musical atmosphere and

could be used in multiple ways with lights and video content to create various environments for a truly dynamic performance. Our collaboration with the lighting and video teams really enhanced the squares to become a canyon that engulfed ‘The Sun’, an 8m diameter screen in the centre that completed the landscape.

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