Holiday on Ice Atlantis


‘ATLANTIS’ the latest touring show by Holiday on Ice opened in Grefrath, Germany on 30th November and will go onto tour Europe for two years.

The show is the group’s 74th anniversary production and STUFISH were delighted to be part of the team including Creative Director Jay Smith and British Ice Skating champion Robin Cousins MBE.

Atlantis 7w
Atlantis 17w

We wanted to expand the scenic environment out onto ice as much as possible so that it could really work with and compliment the choreography of the ice skaters. This was achieved by creating a central hub of eight roll drops in a square formation and a further two out at the front of ice, all of which were projected onto with video content creating an immersive audience experience.

The 12m long drops could all be fully up to provide a clear ice surface for the large group choreography, but being individually programmable, they could also  provide an ever changing landscape of projection surfaces that danced with the ice skaters around them.

1062 HOI 30NOV17 002w
1062 HOI 30NOV17 001w

The Room of Crystals was the beating heart of the story, providing a visually stunning physical aesthetic that worked with the digital world it was framed against.

The piece was meticulously designed so that each of the 37 crystal shards were individually angled and operated so that we could create a wide variety of looks as it appeared in different guises throughout the show.

Atlantis Bw
Atlantis 4w

This beautiful yet simple set provided the perfect backdrop to showcase the fabulous costumes, stunning video design and wonderful ice skating, all together creating the exciting world of Atlantis.

Atlantis 14w
Atlantis 24w

Photo Credit © Holiday On Ice Productions, photographer Deen van Meer