Helene Fischer Live


STUFISH has worked with show designers 45 Degrees to develop the set design element for Helene Fischer’s extraordinary and elaborate new show. Together we crafted a breath-taking, ambitious and technically challenging show.


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We were responsible for the core design of all the main staging elements. This show is an amazing collaboration with many other departments including aerial specialists, prop and costume designers, rigging, video, lighting, acrobatic and dance choreographers. A fusion of art and engineering, the stage set design is based on the concept of time.

One of the spectacular set design features is the 16m long clock-hand (5 tonnes) that sits as a catwalk diagonally out into the arena. During the show, the clock-hand rises to 3.5m high and then starts to revolve. Helene travels over the heads of the audience and arrives on a floating stage at the other end of the arena. This floating stage (4m diameter & weighing 2 tonnes) descends from above: The floating stage is surrounded by an automated, cylindrical curtain, which can wrap the stage to fly and hover above it.

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There is a 27m wide and 10m high semi circular rear video screen that is reflected into the stage shape. The video screen can split in the centre to reveal large-scale props from backstage.

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We designed a series of 4 large lifts on the main stage that can reveal the band by lifting them to stage level or lowering them out of sight. One large lift upstage is for performers to be brought to stage level, and the final downstage lift (5m x 5m) is wrapped in a video screen and can go 3m above the stage. One of Helene‘s stunning costumes is an unique dress made of water. For this the downstage lift is designed and equipped with water tanks to collect the water as it cascades – and also has a central smaller lift that raises Helene up higher to make the dress flow wider and taller.

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At 9m high and 3.6m wide is the Performer acrobatic Wall. This rolling metal framework allows nine highly skilled acrobats to perform amazing and death-defying chorography. With the height of a three story building The Wall is fitted with performer harnesses. The Performer Wall is an eight tonnes structure that tracks up/down stage. A highlight is seeing the cast jump off the Wall and land on a custom crashmat that sits in the downstage lift – precision design and choreography in synergy.

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Overhead is a major catwalk system for deploying acrobats and amazing aerial acts, plus kinetic lighting trusses. Together with an amazing cast of dancers and aerialists, the show is a masterpiece surrounding one of the greatest performers in the world.


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