STUFISH was delighted to collaborate once again with Balich Worldwide Shows on “Giudizio Universale, Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel” the long running show which debuted on March 15th at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome.

Creazione Volta2 ©LucaParisse 08P1999 medium w
Creazione Volta ©LucaParisse 08P1959 medium w
Peccato originale ©Antonello&Montesi medium w

The concept was to immerse the audience within frescos of the Sistine Chapel by creating a physical vault which spans over the auditorium seats to provide a 270° digital projection surface. Spanning 27m at a height of 12m, the vault provides over 1,000sqm area of projection surface and becomes the physical manifestation of the imagination of Michelangelo’s mind and ultimately reveals the Sistine Chapel in its entirety.

Michelangelo marmo David ©Antonello&Montesi medium w
MIchelangelo poeta sonetto ©Antonello&Montesi medium w
Conclave ©Antonello&Montesi medium w

We designed a false proscenium to frame a more traditional staging area that provided a space for scenery and choreographed performance and also provide a physicality which works with and complements the digital projected content. The geometry of the arched proscenium provides further projection surfaces and also incorporates physical spaces such as the Crying Room, the sacred space where a newly elected pope goes to reflect on the momentous ministry that lies ahead. The stage area features a series of moveable walls to expand and contract the perspective of the space, along with horizontal layers of gauze and video screens to further enhance the projection content and blur the experience of the physical and the digital.

Chimney ©LucaParisse 08P2683 w
Elezione Papa ©LucaParisse 08P2439 medium w

Created by Marco Balich and co-directed by Lulu Helbek, with the scientific advice from the Vatican Museums, the show is a combination of many different art forms, from physical theatrical performance, dance, a theme song by Sting, advanced technology and magical special effects.  

Cappella Sistina LucaParisse 08P2162 medium w
Giardino Eden ©LucaParisse MG 0119 medium w
Giudizio Universale ©LucaParisse 08P2159 medium w
StatueofDavid ©LucaParisse 08P1876 w

Photo credits:

©Antonello&Montesi: second row, third row, fourth row.

©LucaParisse: top row, fifth row, sixth row, seventh row, eigth row.