Fashion Awards


In 2017, STUFISH worked with the British Fashion Council to create their annual award show, The Fashion Awards, held at the Royal Albert Hall. The desired aesthetic was Art Deco glamour with a particular reference of the El Morocco nightclub in New York. We were also interested in creating a more immersive experience for all of the guests attending the show and trying a concept that would work in the round at all levels of audience.

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We developed a design with two catwalks connecting three stages which allowed for all the guests to be close to the presenters and performers at different points in the show. The sides of the catwalks and stages had white gloss tops and were clad in gold mirror to give an impression of deco elegance.

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In collaboration with the main sponsor Swarovski, we created two crystal screens which were a backdrops to the stages at each end of the room. A custom 7m high Swarovski chandelier was suspended over the centre of the room which housed a mirror ball for the after party. 

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In addition to the large panoramic projection screen, there were four overhead gauzes showing elements of content and IMAG that allowed guests in the upper levels to connect with the performance happening below. All of these elements worked together to create an immersive and elegant event for the awards.

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