Helene Fischer launched her 2015 Farbenspiel Stadium Tour in Rostock Germany on June 2nd 2015.

Stufish adapted the arena show concept designed in 2014 to work within a stadium format. This was done by increasing the scale of the show without losing the intimacy and impact the audience expect from a Helene Fischer show. The tree with its branches and gantry for Helene to perform on was still the focus point of the scenic design that came alive with the help of the large video screens at the back and to the sides.

The Iconic bird that defined the arena tour was replaced by a spectacular fly rig that saw Helene launch from the b-stage and dramatically sweep over the audience in a graceful ariel ballet before joining her band on the c-stage in the middle of the stadium. She finished the show by leaping off the c-stage and re-joining the rest of the band again, now on the main stage, for a spectacular fireworks display.

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