Standing over 12 meters tall, the Led Lotus Flowers are covered with over 6600 LED modules and contain moving lights, special effects, high end sound equipment and internal space for costumed performers.

Twelve high speed custom winches placed inside of the rolling base, allow six inner and six outer petals to open and close as part of a show that displays an intriguing choreography of man and machine in motion.

When folded upright, the petals present themselves to the audience as a curved low resolution LED screen telling the narrative of the show with an enticing mix of sound, lights and video imagery.

When unfolded, the two Led Lotus Flowers create two twenty meter diameter canopies. They provide a dynamic platform from which the forty strong casts can launch their aerial display over the heads of the audience and two high up 13m tall sway-poles. With ramps, slides and platforms inside the petals, the acrobats and aerialists transform the Led Lotus Flowers into a high energy performance machine telling the story of the "Fantastic World" in a fantastic display of human and mechanical dexterity.

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Driven into the centre of Main Street at Universal Studio Osaka in Japan, three mobile architectural structures are arranged into a kinetic multi-media stage for the "Fantastic World" show.

Using the connecting bridge between the Led Lotus Flowers, the colourfully costumed production takes place along a 46m long elevated stretch down Main Street engaging a large audience with their fantastic display of multimedia and live action.

Merging the technical requirement of a mobile performance apparatus with the poetry of Lotus flowers in blossom, the two Led Lotus Flowers and bridge create a cool and modern architectural focal point amongst the historically themed buildings of the park.


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