Eurovision 2019


Madonna performes at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

As part of the Eurovision Final, Madonna took the opportunity to make a big statement both physically and with the performance.

She rose up to be revealed at the top of a video mapped gigantic staircase complete with columns, and a choir of 40 monks.

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The staircase was the setting for two very different songs in the music set. Starting with the classic ‘Like A prayer’ the video screen behind the staircase and projection onto the staircase emulated a cathedral. Slowly this imagery distorted and the monks descended the stage to give space for the dancers to fill the space. The steps were designed to allow the performers to perch on top of the columns, roll down the steps and be elevated at different levels across the stage.

As the second song ‘Future’ from the Madame X album started, the images on the projection turned to a burning landscape. The creatures depicted by the dancers tumble down the staircase to the main stage. The song was a duet with singer Quavo. At the end of the song, the duo climbed the stairs hand in hand and seemingly fell off the back as their final moment with the words ‘Wake Up’ displayed behind them.

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This complex performance had to be set on stage and removed in a tiny amount of time within the context of the live broadcast of the contest. The large staircase with internal lift, quick change and backstage access for over 50 performers needed to brought up onto the stage in only a few minutes and be removed in even quicker time.

We had to design the whole thing to roll in large enough sections that could be manipulated around the backstage space but small enough to be able to get through the backstage access openings and up the ramps onto the stage. Together with the projection mapping onto the façade of the staircase this largescale sculpture provided the perfect setting for this iconic performance.

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