The Year is 2088. Raging electrical storms have brought destruction upon mankind and civilisation as we know it is a thing of the past. Set in a post apocalyptic world where there is no fuel, a nomadic tribe of survivors work together to battle and overcome the forces of nature and harness electrical power.

Legend has it, deep in the desert there exists a power station. Through danger and determination their drive is to find a new home, a place that can become a land of hope and a new beginning: ELĒKRŎN. 


Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 10469W
Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 10500W
Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 2081W
Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 2083W

We set out with an interesting challenge, to convey what it would feel like to experience the exhilaration of a live action stunt show in an intimate arena. The creation of the central feature of the stage is power station that becomes the projected backdrop, whilst also dynamically changing throughout the show to allow people and vehicles to enter, drive up, ride down, do tricks and reveal the death defying stunts that the performance is created around. Every detail of the production from the large-scale stage set to the intricacy of the vast quantity of vehicles was created in our London design studio.

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Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 10216W

The vehicular designs were developed to feel part scavenged and part customised by the characters of the tribes in the show. Each vehicle has parasitic plug-in electrical components that bring the vehicles to life and gives them a heart beat and an indication of their level of electrical charge. The design of the stage together with the large scale props takes references from Steam Punk, Industrial, Sci Fi, Deco, classic movies and futuristic. The whole show is created to enhance the ability of the performers and the vehicles to deliver the best and most immersive experience for the audience in a safe but exciting way.

Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 2136W
Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 2127W

This electrifying adventure pushes the possibilities of what’s possible with electric vehicles and performers in a 75minute showcase. It is another example of how Stufish is always trying to further the conversation about the future of entertainment design and redefine the live experience.

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The show features dramatic, dangerous and dare-devil circus skills mixed with crazy parkour acrobatics, wild fire and pyrotechnics, a flying by plane, thrilling and breath-taking stunt driving sequences involving cars, bikes and buggies.

With over 150 cast, crew and creative specialists, hand picked from all over the world, Elekron is a non-stop action packed spectacular.

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Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 Elekron 29Nov2018W
Copryright STUFISH Elekron 2019 NMP 10246W


Executive Producer - June Cheng

Senior Creative Producer - Ray Winkler

Senior Producer - Paul Cockle

Producer / Technical Director - Jem Shaw

Creative Producer / Co-conceiver - Chris Hynes

Producer / General Manager - Wingo Chan



Show Director and Original Concept - Abigail Yeates

Composer - Adam King

Assistant Director - Gavin Marshall

Movement Director - Dean Street

Aerial Choreographer - Meaghan Wegg

Set Designer - Stufish Entertainment Architects

Lighting Designer - Terry Cook

Assistant Lighting Designer - John Coman

Sound Designer - Sebastian Frost

Projection Designer - Tom Bairstow

Vehicle Design Consultant and Vehicle Project Manager - Martin Young

Costume, Hair and Make Up Designer - Virginia Chu

Art Director - Charfi Hung

Comedy Consultant - Sean Kempton

Parkour Consultant - Dragonyt