Melco Resorts & Entertainment, 2018

It’s a great honour to share with you the exciting news that Studio City Macau will soon launch a new show, Stufish’s very own produced and designed high voltage spectacle, Elekron, opening in December 2018. Stufish has brought together all of its experience, energy and expertise to bring the most electrifying show. Over 150 people have worked on the show from creative to technical to design to production. We have fused together a daring blend of cutting-edge technology with high end stunts and showmanship. The international cast of 36 from 9 different countries including some Guinness World Record holders will demonstrate some dare devil and breath taking stunts and performances in close proximity of the audience. We will have over 70 electric vehicles in the show from customised powerful sports cars to comedy character vehicles and wacky surfboards to a full sized 12m wide bi-plane flying across the arena.

The audience will be treated to a breath-taking show that will take Macau by storm.

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