STUFISH was approached by long time collaborators Phil McIntyre Entertainment to design the stage and set for Dynamo’s ‘Seeing Is Believing’ tour. The show is a blend of intimate storytelling with largescale illusion. The show has travelled around the UK and performed for over 400,000 people over 110 shows. It was filmed in front of a live audience and aired on the 30th March from the O2 Arena, London, making Dynamo the first magician to ever headline an Arena show.

The design for the show frames Dynamo in a projected environment that allows his surroundings to change and evolve throughout the show, from an urban concrete wall, to a neon baroque theatre; from the pub he used to work in, to a representation of the social media hyperspace. The video content is weaved in-between live video that captures Dynamo’s close-up magic and sleight of hand to project it large onto the surfaces of the set, immersing Dynamo and the audience in a truly multimedia experience.

The set was designed to be scalable for the different Theatres and Arenas that the show was performed in. The full size version features a 22m wide x 14m high concrete looking, monolithic slab. There is a hole in this wall that is 14m wide and 6m high that can be filled with another piece of wall that lifts up and down to reveal the space inside this magic box. On the main stage we have a series of screens, backdrops and tricks that allow Dynamo to perform the various scenes in the show.

The show takes a journey through Dynamo’s history, growing up in Bradford and with his close connection to his Grandfather, how he discovered and refined his love for magic. His ability to make connections with people all over the world and share his own unique persona and talent for magic is captured throughout the show.

With classic tricks performed such as ‘Phone in a Bottle’ together with other largescale tricks involving Dynamo disappearing and appearing on the other side of the arena, the appearance of a DeLorean, making it rain on stage and the final large trick of Dynamo levitating above the stage, this show captured the heart and spectacle that only Dynamo could have done. 

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