The Division Bell Tour in 1994 was promoted by legendary Canadian concert impresario Michael Cohl and became the highest-grossing tour in rock music history to that date.  The band played the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon in some shadows, for the first time since 1975.

The concerts featured even more impressive special effects than the previous tour, including two custom designed airships. [27] Three stages leapfrogged around North America and Europe, each 180 feet long and featuring a 130 foot arch modelled on the Hollywood Bowl. All in all, the tour required 700 tons of steel carried by 53 articulated trucks, a crew of 161 people and an initial investment of US$ 4 million plus US$ 25 million of running costs just to stage. This tour played to 5.5 million people in 68 cities; each concert gathered an average 45,000 audience. At the end of the year, the Division Bell Tour was announced as the biggest tour ever, with worldwide gross of over £150 million (US$ 250 million). In the U.S. alone, it grossed US$ 103.5 million from 59 concerts. However, this record was short-lived; less than a year later, The Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge Tour (like the Division Bell Tour, also sponsored in part by Volkswagen) finished with a worldwide gross of over US$ 300 million. The Stones and U2 (with their recent Vertigo Tour) remain the only acts ever to achieve a higher worldwide gross from a tour even when adjusting for inflation.

These shows are documented by the P*U*L*S*E album, video and DVD.




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