Working with Beyoncé and her team on a ground breaking show for the Coachella festival 2018, the concept for "Beyoncé Homecoming" involved a bleacher style pyramid structure that filled the whole stage to allow the large cast to create a kinetic backdrop of bodies, musicians and dancers throughout the spectacular show. 

The stage design was centred around the pyramid sculpture and was framed by a large inverted kinetic triangle of over 150 lights above. Before the show started, the triangle of light sat vertically in front of the stage, acting as a close down before rising and revealing the stage design complete with over 100 performers.

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Photo Credit Raven B. Varona

Beyoncé inserted herself into a long grand tradition of paying homage to the culture of historically black colleges and universities.

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Including an additional long runway into the audience with a B stage, the performance extended into the audience to create a more immersive experience. The B stage also featured a rotating, lifting boom arm that allowed Beyoncé to rise above the audience and get close to fans whilst riding on a smoke cloud.

Photo Credit Andrew White
Photo Credit Andrew White

Stufish is so proud to have been part of this spectacular production.

Photo Credit Andrew White
Photo Credit Andrew White
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Photo Credit WWW.Beyonce.Com