Catherine Tate Live


STUFISH continues its relationship Phil McIntyre Entertainment to bring the UK tour of Catherine Tate Live to life. When translating TV show The Catherine Tate Show onto the stage the production design needed to create scenic changes.

For this design we wanted to break the mould of this kind of show. We decided to use custom sized rear projection video screens behind the action to create the space and become the digital scenery. The show was successful because of the seamless combination of projection and physical props/scenery together with the important element of lighting, making one complete picture where the actors were framed within the projected environment.

On top of the scenic backdrops there was also a series of pre-recorded sketches that were played onto a separate screen above the stage which kept the audience entertained during scene changes.

The design was simple but effective and allowed the actors to take centre stage but command the space with each scene.

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2.Catherine Tate credit Phil Tragen w
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3.Catherine Tate credit Phil Tragen w
7. Catherine Tate and Brett Goldstein, photo credit Phil Tragen cropped
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