This was the first show for Lady Gaga but continued our relationship with the shows promoters, Live Nation. The brief was to create a spectacular set design for the show that would tour arenas and stadia all around the world. Gaga entered at the beginning of the show straddling a mechanical unicorn with armed guard, into a three storey kinetic castle.

The castle was designed with high turrets and moving staircases on which she and the dancers could perform. The front of the castle featured two large swing-walls that opened out like a doll’s house to reveal the inside rooms of the castle. There was a long passarelle that wrapped the Monster Pit and allowed Gaga and the dancers to move into the house and bring the action out from the stage.

The show also featured extravagant prop designs, extreme costumes and specially created effects including a floating holographic head of Gaga herself as ‘Mother G.O.A.T.’ Created and constructed in record time and possibly one of the most complicated shows to tour the world might have seemed impossible. This is however what was done for the “Born This way Ball” tour and sets a good example of how the unique talents at STUFISH and their collaborators can turn the impossible into reality. The show toured for nearly a year and was performed 98 times.

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