Billboard Music Awards


Stufish create physical stage design for a spectacular Augmented reality performance of ‘Medellin’ (from new album Madame X) for Madonna and Maluma at the Billboard Awards 2019.

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Stufish collaborated with Madonna and an extensive creative and technical team to design this groundbreaking live production. Working with experts in new technology for 3D capture scanning and making live augmented reality this performance blended live action from

Madonna, Maluma, musicians and dancers with physical stage sets, video mapping and augmented reality.

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We designed four individual physical settings for the production. These different spaces allowed the performance to start in a cylindrical, fully video projected environment, then moving into an exterior Columbian Street scene with a two tier building façade structure, followed by an internal club scene with different levels for choreography and finisihing on a B stage surrounded by lightbulbs. The performance was created to look great for the live audience and also for the

TV audience, complete with digital augmented reality layers of multiple Madonna personas and additional digital scenery. This complex performance required a large amount of coordination between the various technical companies needed to capture the 3D Madonna assets and turn them into the creative elements that could be used in real time to embellish the camera shots in the live performance.

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The process of bringing digital assets into a performance like this involves many steps that revolved around the Stufish physical design. First we had to create a stage design that the real and the digital performers and scenic embellishments could exist within. We explored the camera positions that the award show would use and designed spaces that would compliment these shots. The set design needed to have four distinct areas to allow the flow of the performance.

This would allow the real environments to change and allow Madonna and Maluma to transition through the spaces to enhance the choreography. The key design was developed in 3D software and transferred into the augmented reality setup to allow the 3D captures of the Madonna personas to be accurately positioned in virtual space. Additional scenic embellishments were also added in AR which helped to make the scenes look expansive.

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