The show can be divided in three segments: The reunion, The Tower of Memory, Carnival.

The Reunion contained two-hundred drummers, two flying sky drums and 1200 Silver Bell dancers. When the field turned dark their costumes, made with LED bonnets, shoulder capes, cuffs and boots, illuminated.  At the same time, eight Drum Wagons and eight ducking-stools moved around the edge of the field.  Last to enter the scene were two-hundred jumpers on kangaroo stilts, who bounded across the open spaces. The second segment is the Tower of Memory. The telescoping structure of the Tower of Memory was concealed in the centre of the stage.

The decks of the five performance platforms on the tower formed the middle of the top deck of the stage. At the same time, the Tower of Memory started to rise up from the centre stage. As soon as it was at full height, 396 acrobats climbed the tower and attached themselves to rigging points on the structure. They performed a complex choreography on the surface of the tower, forming helical coils, rings and peony blossom patterns.

At the climax of their performance, sixteen 2m x 30m ribbons were deployed from the top of the tower and pulled up to the rigging in the stadium roof, forming a single tree of Olympic torch clouds. As the ribbons were raised, they revealed the acrobats on the tower forming the Beijing Olympic logo on the sides. The third segment, Carnival, had a group of famous Chinese and international singers assembled around the Tower of Memory and started to sing an especially composed song. At the climax of the song the tower acrobats made dramatic descents by abseil and zip line.  


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