Bear Grylls: Endeavour

AEG in partnership with HARVEY GOLDSMITH, 2016

The story of Endeavour takes Bear Grylls everywhere in the world from the jungle to Antarctica, from Everest into space. To allow the scale of spectacle required, we created for Bear an environment where he could climb, fall, base jump, tumble and slide, immersing the audience into these worlds and delivering death defying stunts. The design of the stage is based on the concept of a climbing wall. The form of the set looks like a line of origami paper that has folds making a conceptual landscape that starts at the very front of the raked stage and then rises as a mountain upstage to a height of 12m off the floor. 


This faceted structure is heavy and has special climbing hand holds mixed with hidden platforms that allow Bear to leap, fly and climb around the set. The whole stage and mountain is lit with video projection that allows the set to constantly transform into spectacular vistas that are sometimes part of the story telling, sometimes background and sometimes on IMAG screens. With a combination of 3 different flying systems we can fly Bear or props to various places of the stage at high speed and also directly into the audience to a B-stage where Bear shows a member of the audience how to make fire. The show uses a variety of large scale props. The largest and most spectacular is the Apollo 13 space module. 

Not only did Stufish design the set, we also assisted in the script development, directed the show, did the costume design and provided production services.

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