U2, 2009

STUFISH and U2 have maintained a close relationship since 1992. Since then the shows have become larger and more spectacular each time. Each show pushes the boundaries of scale and technology whilst allowing the band to get closer to the audience.

This time around, the band decided that they would play in the round to 360 degrees of the Stadium in order to have audience all around them as close as possible to make the biggest impact. To do this we designed the largest structure ever toured and worked to make the most technically complex touring show to go with it. The 180 tonne portable superstructure spanned the full width of a typical football field, enclosing not only the performance stage and band, but also several thousand members of the audience. 

The superstructure provided support for almost 200 tonnes of technical equipment that was rigged over the stage. The superstructure was typically erected during a three day period preceding the show-day. 

The custom structure supported an intricate expanding video screen, lighting rig and sound system. The stage sat in the centre of the design like the heart. Surrounding the centre stage was a circular catwalk that was linked by two kinetic bridges. The bridges would travel around the stage edge to connect the band between the stages at different moments of the show. This critically acclaimed tour was the largest touring structure ever to be created for a rock and roll show. The show ran from June 2009 to July 2011. It was performed 110 times and was the highest grossing tour ever and was seen live by 7.2 million people.

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