The Twenty Four Seven world Tour was a concert tour that Tina Turner did in 2000 for her Twenty Four Seven album. It is the fifth biggest concert tour ever in the U.S.

This was Turner's most recent world tour, which sold out stadiums all over the world. It made the most money out of all the touring artists in the year 2000. According to Pollstar, rock icon Tina Turner takes the title for highest grossing tour in the year 2000. Tina, who proclaimed this tour to be her last headlining and stadium "wrecking" tour, beat out fellow legend Barbra Streisand, rock mainstays Phish and teen pop's reigning boy band, 'N Sync, for the number one spot with a series of high-energy shows that crisscrossed the globe. While more elitist performers perform fewer shows with higher ticket prices, Tina grabbed the brass ring with a whopping ninety-five North American shows. Tina's earning topped $80.2 million in the North American leg alone[1] (23 international sold out stadium shows were not taken into consideration—with mid-range ticket prices).At the end of this tour Tina performed to over 3 million fans. Now (2000) sixty-one, proves once again that one need not be sixteen years old to make a splash in the music industry. 

The DVD/VHS One Last Time Live! documents a Wembley Stadium concert on this tour, her last UK concert. Performing in front of about 85,000 fans[2]. The show was very elaborate featuring pyrotechnics, a stage that split in half and a sixty foot stage arm that carried her over the audience.

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