U2 wow Dreamfest in this one off spectacular

Stufish  U2 Dreamfest 05OCT16 0624 w

U2 rocked Dreamfest in San Francisco on the Stufish designed stage, see the full project here

Check out the Stufish projects starting in October!....

7th October

Bear Grylls: Endeavour

Live Arena Spectacular where Bear will take audiences on an immersive expedition.


7th & 8th October

Intimissimi on Ice

Andrea Bocelli, fashion & skating come together for a beautiful new spectacular on ice.  


19th October

The Rolling Stones

Play live in Las Vegas for the first time in over 3 years.


28th October

Queen Extravaganza

A Night At The Opera returns to the UK


31st October

The Catherine Tate show

Start of the Live UK Tour. 

Our latest project 'Dragon Quest Live' opened in Tokyo this evening!

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For a full description and more pictures, check out the full project here