Helene Fischer Live

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The Helene Fischer Live DVD is now out!

Together with 45Degrees, Stufish developed the set for this extraordinary and elaborate show.

Links to pruchase the DVD can be found here.

For more information on our work with Helene Fischer and her Live tour, click here.


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STUFISH is proud to have collaborated with Beyonce on the stage design for her Coachella 2018 headlining performance.

The concept for #Beychella Homecoming involved a bleacher style pyramid that filled the whole stage to allow the large cast to create a kinetic backdrop of bodies, musicians and dancers throughout the spectacular show.

Framed with a large inverted kinetic lighting pyramid above the whole design to create a strong backdrop for one of the most amazing productions to date. 

Check out our project page for this historical performance for more details!

Germany's PRG Live Entertainment Awards 2018!


Huge congratulations to The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour for winning the ‘stadium tour of the year 2017’ at Germany’s PRG Live Entertainment Awards 2018. We are proud to call ourselves the set designers of such an awesome production!

And the winner of the ‘arena tour of the year 2017’ award at Germany’s PRG Live Entertainment Awards 2018 goes to Helene Fischer! Congratulations team! We had such fun designing the set alongside @45degrees, together we crafted a breath-taking, ambitious and technically challenging show that we are super proud of.


Just dance insta

Welcome to the world’s first live interactive JUST DANCE experience.

Join the dancers, the dreamers and the spotlight-loving scene-stealers for an evening you’ll never forget.

Come and join the fun! With our colorful characters dancing live on stage, you can follow their iconic JUST DANCE moves and share the thrill with your friends and family.Cut loose and lose yourself in the dazzling costumes, groundbreaking visuals and incredible party atmosphere that will stay with you forever!

JUST DANCE LIVE is for everyone – even if you don’t know how to dance!

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