The World’s Most Electrifying Stunt Show Exhilarates Macau As Elēkron Launches With A Star-Studded Premiere At Studio City

Macau, Wednesday January 23, 2019Igniting Macau with the power and intensity of a lightning bolt, the hugely anticipated Elēkron – the world’s first all-electric indoor theatrical stunt show – launched with a bang at Studio City tonight as it excited celebrities, dignitaries and VIP guests at its spectacular world premiere. 
Following the unprecedented success of The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, Elēkron is the latest must-see attraction brought to the city by Melco Resorts & Entertainment. Developed in partnership with globally renowned entertainment architects Stufish, and with the full support of the Macau SAR Government. The show features dozens of powerful custom-made electric vehicles designed exclusively for Elēkron, engaged in a rapid succession of exciting feats.

Before the premiere, a host of honored guests – including executives of Melco and Stufish, Macau SAR Government officials and Elēkron ambassador Shawn Yue – attended the red carpet event and grand opening ceremony to celebrate the show’s official launch. For the next 75 minutes, the death-defying stunts and non-stop action kept guests glued to the edge of their seats.

Elēkron is an ancient Phoenician word meaning “shining light”, and in the context of the show it represents a beacon of hope in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. In this fantasy realm, the performers play a unified nomadic tribe who must race against time to confront and redirect powerful electrical forces, creating a heroic story of survival in a land where nature has careened out of control. 
Against the backdrop of an abandoned power station, all-electric sports cars, customized buggies, quads, trials bikes and FMX bikes wowed the crowd with a succession of high-octane feats and daredevil jumps performed at super-close range to the audience, while fireworks and pyrotechnics provided added flashes of excitement throughout. One of the shows highlights came from The Kangaroo Kid, two times Guinness World Record holder of the Longest Ramp Jump on a Quad Bike, who stopped the audience’s hearts with his highly technical maneuvers and bold jaw dropping stunts on his powerful quad bike. All of the excitement throughout the night is confined to a tight space of only 900 square meters, smaller than an Olympic size swimming pool, requiring drivers to have impeccable control over their high-torque electric vehicles. 
Other highlights include setting a Porsche on fire and driving it around the arena while motorcycle riders and buggy drivers chaotically drive up and drop in from the top of a huge projection screen at a height of 12 meters, at an incredibly steep 65 degree angle and come screeching to a halt just a couple meters from the audience. The biggest cheer of all arrived when an electric biplane soared right over the crowd with seven world-class aerial wing-walkers dancing on top.

Assembled from all over the world, the cast of Elēkron is comprised of more than 150 international performers, creative specialists, designers and technicians. All the vehicles featured in the show are bespoke and designed from scratch, and powered by Tesla motors with a custom-designed control system. Defying the laws of nature and mankind, Elēkron is set to electrify Macau starting tomorrow.

Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said: “Elēkron is the latest in a long line of firsts for Melco and Macau. Together, we are creating a world class destination for tourism and the MICE industry.   And like everything we do at Melco, it's a product of successful, creative, hardworking partnerships with some of the world's finest talents.  I'd like to thank our co-producers Stufish for bringing this spectacle to life, and the Macau Government for continued support and enthusiasm for the innovations we bring to the city."

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) said: “We appreciate Melco’s efforts in bringing yet another world-class attraction to Macau through Elēkron. We believe the launch of Elēkron will once again put Macau at the forefront of the global entertainment industry. The Macao Government Tourism Office will continue to collaborate with leading resorts like Studio City, to further promote Macau as a top global destination for leisure and entertainment.”

Shawn Yue, Hong Kong celebrity and Elēkron ambassador, said: “That was intense! I knew this show was going to be something special but nothing can prepare you for what it’s like to see those incredible stunts being performed at ultra-high speeds right in front of you-it was absolutely mind-blowing!!”

“Elēkron has proven that everything is possible! All the death-defying stunts have such a small margin for error, the choreography of every jump, dive, and leap has been dialed to perfection.I just love the highly technical and original theatrical experience Elēkron created, it is definitely a high-energy, adrenaline-pumping and exciting live show to watch!”

Mr. Ray Winkler, CEO and Design Director of Stufish Entertainment Architects said: “From our first meeting with Melco, we knew that we had the chance to create something original here in Macau, and I think the results speak for themselves. Combining Stufish’s expertise in creating world-class performance experiences with Melco’s bold and pioneering vision, Elēkron sets dizzying new standards for live entertainment.”

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The TPI Awards 2019


The TPI Awards 2019 nominations are open and we would love it if you can nominate STUFISH Entertainment Architects for

‘The Mark Fisher Set Designer of the Year’

Award no. #15 for any of our designs during 2018 which included……

Beyonce at Coachella

Beyonce & Jay - Z OTR II

Elton John - Farewell Yellow Brick Road

U2 - experience + innocence

The Rolling Stones - No Filter

Mumford + Sons - Delta

Giudizio Universale - Theatre Spectacular

Michael Buble - Hyde Park Festival

Helene Fischer - Spurst Du Das

Softcell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Queen & Adam Lambert - The Crown Jewels

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Michael Bublé Tour announced!

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Michael Bublé's 2019 Tour has been announced!

Stufish is once more proud to be working alongside Michael and his creative team to deliver yet another stunning tour.

The show shall begin in February 2019 in the USA then heading to Canada in April.

More dates around the world will be announced soon. Tickets are on sale from November the 19th.

For ticket and VIP information, visit

(picture from Michael Bublé Festival 2018)

The World’s First All Electric Vehicle Stunt Show

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Stufish Teams Up With Melco Resorts & Entertainment To Produce New Show ‘Elēkron’   The Most Electrifying Vehicle Stunt Show In The World   

London – 18 Oct:  Stufish have announced today that they are teaming up with Melco Resorts & Entertainment, to deliver the world’s first action-packed, all-electric, indoor theatrical vehicle stunt show called Elēkron, in Studio City Macau. Elēkron is set to rock and electrify from 14 December 2018 to 31 March 2019. The new show follows a stellar year for Stufish Entertainment Architects, who have accounted for some of the world’s biggest music tours, including Beyoncé + Jay-Z’s ‘OTR II’, Queen + Adam Lambert, U2’s ‘Experience + Innocence’ and Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

Bold, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping stunts will light up the arena in a 75-minute show of non-stop, death-defying action that will keep spectators on the edge of their seats. Elēkron features more than 70 powerful electric vehicles – including sports cars, customized buggies, quads, trial bikes, FMX bikes and even a 12m wide biplane flying across the arena – all engaged in a succession of daredevil feats that take place at super close range to the audience.

Powered by the latest electric technology, all the vehicles are bespoke and designed from scratch, and are powered by Tesla motors with a custom-designed control system. More than 150 cast, crew, creative specialists, designers and technicians – including Guinness World Record holders – have been handpicked for the show from nine countries around the globe.

Frederic Winckler, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer of Melco Resorts & Entertainment says: “Powered entirely by electricity, Elēkron is a crazy, death-defying stunt show like nothing you have ever seen before.  The arena is filled with fireworks and pyrotechnics.  Seventy wild post-apocalyptic cars, bikes and buggies are leaping over each other, as their drivers fight over the abandoned power station where the story’s set.”

Ray Winkler, CEO and Design Director of Stufish Entertainment Architects said, “We are thrilled to combine Stufish’s powerful entertainment background with Melco’s impressive track record of delivering world class shows to create the perfect storm that will electrify the audience with our exhilarating new show Elēkron.”

Founded by the late Mark Fisher, Stufish is the recognised leader in permanent, touring and temporary entertainment architecture. The Stufish name has been synonymous with key musical touring shows, including the likes Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and many more. Stufish’s latest production in Macau, is part of their wider expansion into the Asian market, which also includes the recent opening of their Hong Kong office.  

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