STUFISH Entertainment Architects, founded by the late and legendary Mark Fisher, is the recognised leader in permanent, touring and temporary entertainment architecture. STUFISH is Architecture, Design and Production under one roof on a global scale.

Though the studio’s name has evolved over the years, its work has been synonymous with the key theatrical, musical and monumental events that are embedded in the collective memory of generations across the globe since the mid-1990s.

Today STUFISH’s international award winning portfolio includes an ever-broadening scope of design excellence, from bespoke permanent and semi-permanent buildings and structures to live productions, touring shows, production, exhibitions, master planning and more. To be able to respond to this increasing demands on our services, STUFISH has expanded to include STUFISH Productions Limited and STUFISH Asia.

Our work redefines the live show experience and has allowed the studio to become the leading practitioners of the complete show delivery package. As Entertainment Architects, STUFISH delivers every element– from designing the building and set, to show creation and production.

From first concept to final reality, we provide a comprehensive service that is individually tailored for the requirements of each client, making every project a unique experience. Our design ethics are driven by creativity, passion, collaboration and client satisfaction. At the core of our philosophy is the assurance that design intent is always maintained, whilst ultimately delivering extraordinary, yet feasible and functional buildings and structures.

The website showcases a series of selected projects that highlight the diversity and wide ranging capabilities of the studio. The STUFISH team is made up of a talented team of Architects, Designers, Visualisers, Directors, Production Managers, Technical Specialists and Producers all bringing an eclectic and high level range of skills and specialities to projects.